2022 Session


Tech & Data will create a $10 trillion Residential Real Estate Market


Tech innovation is poised to rocket the RRE market from $3.8 trillion in 2021 to over $10 trillion. How fast? – faster than you think. The combination of enabling services, new forms of real estate ownership and new and novel types of investments will draw in many more investors and investor types. Brian Lent, CEO of Plunk will cover how tech will expand and accelerate annual RRE transaction values to over $10T (including home sales, home remodeling, home services and many of these new transactions) in an astonishing short period of time. He will draw some important, relevant comparisons to how innovations at the NYSE expanded investor participation, the breadth of investment options and resulted in an explosion in transaction volumes. There are similar innovations in RRE that will attract new investment opportunities and grow RRE. Brian will conclude by offering brokers and REALTORS specific examples on how they can remain in the middle of these transactions and grow their business.


Brian  Lent
Co-Founder and CEO
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