2022 Session


The Future of Credit: Alternative Data, Smart Contracts & the Democratization of Lending


Surveys consistently find that more than 70% of renters want to own their own home. Yet the generational wealth-building benefits of homeownership elude tens of millions of people, especially minorities and low-to-moderate-income Americans. To shift this paradigm, creditors must embrace new ways of understanding a consumer’s ability to pay — and consumers must take greater control of their financial data. Peek into the future of credit as fintech innovator Brent Chandler explores new models that combine traditional credit scoring with asset-based analytics like rent payment history and residual income to democratize lending for all, including the underserved. Plus, learn how technology is reinventing what it means to qualify for a loan. No more tedious “pre-approvals” or filling out stacks of paper; now, borrowers can get qualified for financing at the point of interest as they search for their dream home, dream car, or dream college.


Brent  Chandler
Founder & CEO
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