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In this moment of change, business as usual has gone out the window. But, there are opportunities in tumult to introduce technology and an openness to rapid transition among stakeholders, as the last two years have proven. Now is the time to embrace change, commit to innovation, and break down barriers that stand in the way – all to be discussed and discovered at iOi.

2022 iOi General Session

Get a Sneak Peek of What to Expect at iOi 2022

Wednesday, September 28
12:30 – 5:00 pm PT

Five General Sessions, Topics Include:

  • Metaverse
  • Computer Visioning
  • Driving Sustainability and Tech
  • Future of Real Estate
  • Pitch Battle LIVE

Thursday, September 29
9:00 am – 5:00 pm PT

  • Keynote, Thomas Frey, Google’s Top-Rated Futurist Speaker
  • Eight General Sessions, Topics Include:
    • Crypto, NFT, Defi, and DAOs
    • Fundraising for Startups
    • Government Support & Housing Accessibility
    • Tech Responsibility in Equity
    • Updates on Mergers & Acquisitions in the Industry
  • Pitch Battle Winner Announced



Google’s Top-Rated Futurist Speaker
IBM’s Most Award-Winning Engineer

Over the past decade, Futurist Thomas Frey has built an enormous following based on his ability to develop accurate visions of the future and describe the opportunities ahead. Having started seventeen businesses himself and assisting on the development of hundreds more, the understanding Thomas brings is a rare blend of reality-based thinking coupled with a clear-headed visualization of the world ahead.

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