2023 Speaker


Matthew Eby

First Street Foundation / Risk Factor


Matthew Eby is the Founder and CEO of First Street Foundation, a science and technology nonprofit working to define America’s climate risk. Under Matthew’s leadership, the Foundation has created multiple peer-reviewed and transparent physical climate risk models that quantify the past, present, and future climate risk of every property in the United States. These models are the basis for a product called Risk Factor (riskfactor.com) which is integrated on websites like realtor.com, leveraged by the top banks in the country, and counted on by more than 40 federal agencies. 

Matthew is a recognized climate expert who makes regular media appearances on networks like CNBC and CBS, is constantly quoted in publications like the New York Times and Washington Post, and has even testified on the cost of climate change to the Senate Budget Committee. 

Matthew holds an Honors Business Commerce degree and a Masters of Business Administration from McMaster University in Canada.