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2023 iOi Summit schedule will be released shortly.

We are excited to bring together PropTech leaders and futurists, investors, and forward-thinking real estate professionals to discuss a variety of topics at this year’s iOi Summit.

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Some of the real estate topics include:

The transformation and future of the real estate and home ownership journey.

The current and projected state of the market and economy and its impact on affordability.

Investment, M&A, and Funding for the future of the industry.

PropTech is a impacting the global real estate industry, learn what it takes to gain US market share as an international startup.

Globalization of PropTech to improve the industry...no boarders for real estate and tech.

Advancing the right to real property for all...how PropTech can support equality in real estate.

The new Co-Living model and how ADU (Auxiliary Dwelling Units) can help with housing accessibility.

Artificial Intelligence... generative AI is becoming part of real estate and our lives. Learn what you need to know to be successful with this technology.

Accessibility to data is a foundational component of the real estate industry. Understand the power of data and how to responsibly use it.

Web3’s impact on the Real Estate market and where Crypto and Blockchain play a role.

Learn more about NFT’s, Digital Twins and the Metaverse entering the real estate market.

Smart homes have seen a surge in usage and demand. Learn how this technology can support sustainability and help manage real estate.

The digital transaction has become the norm, but there is always more to do. Learn what’s next for technology’s role on Mortgage, Title, and closing.

Explore new financial tools and what FinTech is doing to transform the real estate market.

What comes next? How will transformation within the Technology, Data and Services industry present new opportunities in the future?

Please check back soon as the 2023 iOi Summit schedule is currently being confirmed.

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